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  Hu Tao, Wei Tao, Xu Haijun
  Design and Implement Security Gateway System Based on Open Source Software Used in Electronic Reading Room
    Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery   2012 Vol.28 (2): 92-97 [Abstract] (1007) [PDF 753 KB] (444)
  Zhang Jiping,Xu Quanli,Mu Ming
  The Security Techniques for Library Networks
    Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery   2004 Vol.20 (3): 56-59 [Abstract] (1354) [PDF 0 KB] (145)
  Chen Jun
  My Humble Opinion of Design of Building Library Network
    Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery   2001 Vol.17 (5): 59-62 [Abstract] (1253) [PDF 0 KB] (161)
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