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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  0, Vol. Issue (): 1-    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.2096-3467. 2020.0906
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Review of Cultural Heritage Crowdsourcing in the Domain of Digital Humanities
Zhao Yuxiang,Lian Jingwen
(School of Economics & Management, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, 210094)
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[Objective]This paper systematically reviews the development of research and practice of the cultural heritage crowdsourcing in the domain of digital humanities. [Coverage]We used various sources such as SSCI, SCIE, EI, A&HCI, CPCI-S, CPCI-SSH, Google Scholar, CNKI, Wanfang Data and VIP to search literatures with the keywords “cultural heritage crowdsourcing”, “crowdsourcing AND digital humanities”, “cultural heritage AND collaboration”, “cultural heritage AND user generated content”, “GLAM AND crowdsourcing” etc. We then collected 111 representative literatures in conjunction with topic screening and back and forth method. [Methods]First, we classified the connotation and extension of cultural heritage crowdsourcing and made a loosely defined concept. Then, we investigated the current status of research and practice of cultural heritage crowdsourcing from the three key elements of data resources, digital technology and platform system. [Results]This paper explores the concept of cultural heritage crowdsourcing, proposes the classification of cultural heritage crowdsourcing projects, explores the data life cycle and digital technology classification system of cultural heritage crowdsourcing, and sorts out the relevant research results and experience in the construction and operation management of cultural heritage crowdsourcing platform. [Limitations]Future research will further refine the integrated framework of the cultural heritage crowdsourcing model for the research and practice of digital humanities. [Conclusions] Cultural heritage crowdsourcing is a new model in the field of public cultural services in recent years in terms of data collection and analysis, construction of information resources and innovation of knowledge services. It is a new campaign in response to the deep integration of technology and culture in the digital era, and also a new direction for digital humanities exploration in the discipline of library, information and archives management.

Published: 09 October 2020
ZTFLH:  G315  

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Zhao Yuxiang, Lian Jingwen. Review of Cultural Heritage Crowdsourcing in the Domain of Digital Humanities . Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 0, (): 1-.

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