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现代图书情报技术  2015, Vol. 31 Issue (11): 96-103    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2015.11.14
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颉夏青1, 吴旭1,2
1 北京邮电大学图书馆 北京 100876;
2 北京邮电大学可信分布式计算与服务教育部重点实验室 北京 100876
Application of Visualization Technology for “Classic Reading” Platform
Xie Xiaqing1, Wu Xu1,2
1 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Library, Beijing 100876, China;
2 Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Distributed Computing and Service BUPT, Ministry of Education, Beijing 100876, China
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[目的]利用多维信息可视化技术优化“经典阅读”网络平台信息揭示方式。[应用背景]“经典阅读”教学质量的提升要求“经典阅读”网络平台不断应用新技术改善用户体验, 提高读者参与度。[方法]将基于图标和基于动画等多维可视化技术相结合, 对棋盘式显示、旋转书架、瀑布流等显示方式进行组合。[结果]图书详情页面访问量下降而读书报告月平均访问量增长65%, 读者对图书的关注深化为对读书报告的关注。[结论]读者对读书报告关注度提升, 可视化技术应用改善了“经典阅读”教学效果。

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[Objective] To improve the information effect with multidimensional information visualization technology.[Context] “Classic Reading” platform requires continuous application of new technology to improve user-experience, and attract more readers.[Methods] Combine the image-based and animation-based multidimensional information visualization technology, and mix display-mode of chess-board, rotating-shelves and water-fall-flow together.[Results] Book-detail's pageviews decreased while book-reports' averagely increased by 65% per month.[Conclusions] Readers turn to pay more attention for book-reports, that visualization function can improve “Classic Reading” teaching quality.

收稿日期: 2015-08-19     
:  G358  


通讯作者: 颉夏青, ORCID: 0000-0002-9952-7931, E-mail:。     E-mail:
作者简介: 作者贡献声明:颉夏青; 平台功能实现, 论文起草及最终版本修订; 吴旭: 提出研究思路和技术路线, 规划平台建设。
颉夏青, 吴旭. “经典阅读”网络平台可视化技术应用及实现[J]. 现代图书情报技术, 2015, 31(11): 96-103.
Xie Xiaqing, Wu Xu. Application of Visualization Technology for “Classic Reading” Platform. New Technology of Library and Information Service, DOI:10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2015.11.14.

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