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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2000, Vol. 16 Issue (2): 26-28    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2000.02.07
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Design and Implement of Full-Text Retrieval System Based on WWW
Li Guangjian1   Huang Yongwen2
1(The Documentation and Information Center of CAS, Beijing)
2(Information Technology and Management Department of Beijing Normal University, Beijing)
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After discussing the definition, characteristics, development and current condition of the full-text retrieval system, the article introduces the general situation of “Educational Information Full-Text RetrievaI System Based on WWW”, and then analyzes the key components with which the system is implemented.

Key wordsWWW      Educational information      Full text retrieval     
Received: 10 November 1999      Published: 25 April 2000
Corresponding Authors: Li Guangjian,Huang Yongwen   
About author:: Li Guangjian,Huang Yongwen

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Li Guangjian,Huang Yongwen. Design and Implement of Full-Text Retrieval System Based on WWW. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2000, 16(2): 26-28.

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