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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2004, Vol. 20 Issue (4): 66-68    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2004.04.20
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Duplicate Checking in CALIS Japanese Literature Catalog System Based on Z39.50
Han Mingjie  Kang Shi
(Library of China Agricultural University, Bei jing 100094, China)
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This paper introduces project of CALIS Japanese literature catalog and relations hip between Japanese literature catalog and CALIS Z39.50 system,discusses signif icance and method of duplicate checking based on Z39.50.

Key wordsCALIS      Jap anese literature      Union catalog      Z39.50     
Received: 16 September 2003      Published: 25 April 2004


Corresponding Authors: Han Mingjie     E-mail:
About author:: Han Mingjie,Kang Shi

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Han Mingjie,Kang Shi. Duplicate Checking in CALIS Japanese Literature Catalog System Based on Z39.50. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2004, 20(4): 66-68.

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