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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2007, Vol. 2 Issue (2): 86-89    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2007.02.19
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Construction of Medical Image Digital Library Based on Ontology
Chen Jiacui1  Ruan XuepingJin Qian3  Ping Haifeng4  Shen Dongjing5
1(Soochow University Library,Suzhou 215006, China)
2(Institute of Medical Information Library, Beijing 100005, China)
3(National Science and Technology Library, Beijing 100038, China)
4(Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials Technical Library, Beijing 100095, China)
5(Shanghai Information Center for Life Science, CAS, Shanghai 200031, China)
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The medical Ontology consists of three components: medical image, case, and medical literature. The case-centered Ontology connects medical imaging resources, medical literature, patient information, medical staff and Rx. The paper analyses the detailed attributes of various medical digital objects, and applies the attributes to medical Ontology and metadata setting. The paper also discusses the preservation planning of medical image.

Key wordsMedicine digital library      Medical image      Resource preservation      Ontology     
Received: 18 August 2006      Published: 25 February 2007


Corresponding Authors: Chen Jiacui     E-mail:
About author:: Chen Jiacui,Ruan Xueping,Jin Qian,Ping Haifeng,Shen Dongjing

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Chen Jiacui,Ruan Xueping,Jin Qian,Ping Haifeng,Shen Dongjing . Construction of Medical Image Digital Library Based on Ontology. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2007, 2(2): 86-89.

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