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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2009, Vol. 3 Issue (2): 78-82    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2009.02.13
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The Application of Visualization Technology in Link Analysis
Tang Tianbo1,Gao Feng2
1(Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China)
2(The Lanzhou Branch of the National Science Library,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000,China)
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This paper gives a simple introduction to link analysis and visualization technology.It studies the status,methods and steps of how the visualization technology should be used in link analysis.It then analyzes a few representative systems and tools in this field. At last, this paper gives the deficiency and the possible directions and methods that can be used in visualization technology of link analysis,and provides support to the development of powerful visual link analysis tools.

Key wordsLink analysis      Visualization      Search engine      Web mining     
Received: 31 October 2008      Published: 25 February 2009



Corresponding Authors: Tang Tianbo     E-mail:
About author:: Tang Tianbo,Gao Feng

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Tang Tianbo,Gao Feng. The Application of Visualization Technology in Link Analysis. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2009, 3(2): 78-82.

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