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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2011, Vol. 27 Issue (10): 40-44    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2011.10.08
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Key Frame Extraction on Quick Browsing Approaches to Academic Videos in Library
Xia Yuhua1, Sun Jiande2, Qi Jingtao1
1. Library of Shandong University, Jinan 250100, China;
2. School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan 250100, China
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Abstract  In order to meet the great demand of readers on academic videos, a key frame extraction algorithm on the features of academic videos is proposed. Based on shot segmentation and caption detection, the academic video quick scan scheme is realized, which is helpful for the rapid spread of library academic videos.
Key wordsAcademic videos      Quick browsing      Key frame     
Received: 21 June 2011      Published: 03 December 2011



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Xia Yuhua, Sun Jiande, Qi Jingtao. Key Frame Extraction on Quick Browsing Approaches to Academic Videos in Library. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2011, 27(10): 40-44.

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