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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2017, Vol. 1 Issue (5): 12-22    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.2096-3467.2017.05.03
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Route Planning in Pedestrian-Map APP Interactions
Dan Wu(),Lei Cheng
School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
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[Objective] This paper constructs a model for route planning based on the impacts of different contexts on pedestrian’s walking behaviors. [Methods] First, we collected data from 30 participants of an outdoor pedestrian navigation experiment. Then, we analyzed the ties between contexts and users’ behaviors with correlation and regression tests. [Results] At the initial planning stage, more destinations chosen by the pedestrians meant longer searching time, while more users’ attention to the estimated time led to longer browsing time. User’s subjective time pressure, system location and destination choice also affected their attention to estimated time. In the re-planning stage, different genders and ages had different subjective time pressures on the users. The more difficult tasks generated fewer operations. [Limitations] There were some subjective issues with the data processing. The changing of user’s psychology and behaviors may also influence the results. [Conclusions] The proposed model focuses on the user factors and reveals the relationship among the contexts of the initial plannings and the re-routings, which provide valuable information to the mobile map developers.

Key wordsRoute Planning      User Information Behavior      Mobile Map      Context      Human-Computer Interaction     
Received: 07 February 2017      Published: 06 June 2017

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Dan Wu,Lei Cheng. Route Planning in Pedestrian-Map APP Interactions. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2017, 1(5): 12-22.

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