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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2008, Vol. 24 Issue (5): 33-38    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2008.05.06
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Research on Special Domain Oriented Knowledge Management Model Based on MUDs
Zhou Ning   Wang Miao
(School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China)
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 In this paper, a knowledge management model based on MUDs is put forward.The model tries to attain the objective of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing through promoting tacit knowledge conversion and explicit knowledge storage in special area which are based on the method of knowledge extraction and knowledge visualization.

Key wordsMUDs      Knowledge management      Model design      Knowledge extraction      Knowledge visualization     
Received: 21 January 2008      Published: 25 May 2008


Corresponding Authors: Wang Miao     E-mail:
About author:: Zhou Ning,Wang Miao

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Zhou Ning,Wang Miao. Research on Special Domain Oriented Knowledge Management Model Based on MUDs. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2008, 24(5): 33-38.

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