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New Technology of Library and Information Service  2014, Vol. 30 Issue (5): 90-95    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2014.05.12
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Implementation and Application of Image Retrieval Technology in “Classic Reading” Teaching System
Wu Kun1, Xie Xiaqing2, Bai Quanwei3, Wu Xu2, 3
1 Ministry of Culture Foundation, Changchun Finance College, Changchun 130028, China;
2 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Library, Beijing 100876, China;
3 Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Distributed Computing and Service (BUPT),Ministry of Education, Beijing 100876, China
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[Objective] This paper trends to expand retrieval approach in “Classic Reading” Teaching System and improve utilization of classical teaching resources. [Context] “Classic Reading” Teaching System is a credit-based innovation platform on teaching system, and adding image retrieval function can greatly extend the existing text-based retrieval and improve teaching effects. [Methods] This paper establishes the Semantic-Based Image Retrieval Model including extracting features, vector normalization and similarity measurement, realizing four modules including query-submit, image-retrieval, result-feedback and image management. [Results] The images in the platform are classified automatically and students can find the book with a related image, and the precise of image retrieval lays between 92% and 100%. [Conclusions] It can improve user experience as well as the teaching effects of “Classic Reading”.

Key wordsFeature-Semantical      Image retrieval      Feature vectors      Classic reading      Quality education     
Received: 14 December 2013      Published: 06 June 2014
:  G358TP391  

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Wu Kun, Xie Xiaqing, Bai Quanwei, Wu Xu. Implementation and Application of Image Retrieval Technology in “Classic Reading” Teaching System. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2014, 30(5): 90-95.

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