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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2017, Vol. 1 Issue (1): 16-25    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.2096-3467.2017.01.03
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Integrated Analysis and Visualization of Sci-Tech Roadmaps: Case Study of Renewable Energy
Xie Xiufang1,2(), Zhang Xiaolin1
1National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
2School of Health Management and Education, Capital Medical University/Library of Capital Medical University,Beijing 100069, China
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[Objective]This study aims to predict the development trends of science and technology (S&T) with knowledge extracted from S&T roadmaps (STR). [Methods] First, we constructed an STR information database based on the “extraction - synchronization - classification” method of text mining. Second, we analysed the demands and trends of global S&T progress. Finally, we compared and analyzed different countries’ S&T strategies in the field of renewable energy. [Results] We used open source tools, such as Timeflow, Gephi to visualize the results of this case study, such as the globle development trends and national strategic planning in the field of renewable energy by 2050. [Limitations] The automation and personalization features of this study need to be improved. [Conclusions] The proposed method could retrieve strategic intelligence from the STRs effectively.

Key wordsScience and Technology Roadmap      Strategic Intelligence      Text Mining      Knowledge Discovery      Integrated Analysis      Information Visualization     
Received: 30 September 2016      Published: 22 February 2017
ZTFLH:  G356.4  

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Xie Xiufang,Zhang Xiaolin. Integrated Analysis and Visualization of Sci-Tech Roadmaps: Case Study of Renewable Energy. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2017, 1(1): 16-25.

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