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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2020, Vol. 4 Issue (1): 26-39    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.2096-3467.2019.1201
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Advances in Patent Network
Peng Guan1(),Yuefen Wang2
1School of Economics and Law, Chaohu University, Hefei 238000, China
2School of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing 210094, China;
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[Objective] The paper systematically reviews current studies on patent networks, and then summaries research questions and developing trends.[Coverage] We used “Patent Network” as search terms for the Web of Science and CNKI core journal databases, respectively. A total of 465 English papers and 196 Chinese papers were retrieved by removing the duplicated and irrelevant ones. Our final list included 106 representative articles on topic labeling.[Methods] Firstly, we used the community discovery algorithm to explore topics of the keyword co-occurrence network. Then, we extracted research topics of these Chinese and English papers to identify research trends. Finally,we reviewed papers with the highest numbers of citations from each trending topics.[Results] The construction methods of patent networks include cooperation, reference, technology transfer and technology similarity, etc. The popular research methods include social network analysis, complex network and text mining, etc.[Limitations] We only studied the representative literature, more research is needed to expand our analysis to all research topics.[Conclusions] The patent network analysis is emerging. Research on the evolution mechanism, model and simulation experiment of patent networks needs to be strengthened. More and more researchers focus on semantic analysis tendency of patent network, as well as the construction of patent comprehensive network.

Key wordsPatent Network      Social Network Analysis      Complex Netowrk      Text Mining     
Received: 04 November 2019      Published: 14 March 2020
ZTFLH:  TP391  
Corresponding Authors: Peng Guan     E-mail:

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Peng Guan,Yuefen Wang. Advances in Patent Network. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2020, 4(1): 26-39.

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Chinese Bibliography Co-words Network in “Patent Network” Field with the Number of Co-occurrences Greater than or Equal to 2
English Bibliography Co-words Network in “Patent Network” Field with the Number of Co-occurrences Greater than or Equal to 3
研究主题 关键词
专利合作网络 专利, 结构洞, 专利合作网络, 知识网络, 社会网络分析
专利引文网络 专利, 引文网络, 专利权人, 社会网络分析, 共被引网络
产学研专利合作网络 产学研, 专利分析, 知识网络, 网络结构, 专利合作网络, 社会网络分析
技术转移网络 技术转让, 专利分析, 技术转移, 社会网络分析, 校企合作, 协同创新
专利分析方法 专利分析, 专利技术, 专利情报, 社会网络分析, 可视化
专利网络演化分析 OLED, 技术创新, 专利权人, 网络演化, 专利信息
技术演化路径分析 专利, 技术路径, 创新网络, 演化路径, 专利合作网络, 时空演化
Topics and Keywords of Chinese Bibliography Extracted by CPM Algorithmin “Patent Network” Field
研究主题 关键词
patent analysis method property, natural language processing, patent analysis, technology analysis, function, patent map, patent network, patent mining, social network analysis, technology intelligence
patent cooperation network in China chinese firms, collaboration, pattern, configuration, innovation capability, co-patenting,
partner portfolio, evolution
evolutionary analysis of patent cooperation network co-invention, proximity, co-patenting, biotechnology, knowledge exchange, networks
patent text mining topic model, text mining, network analysis, innovation, biofuel, patent data
social network analysis technological innovation, patent clustering, innovation, social network analysis, social networks, patents
patent citation network kernel-based method, graph kernel, nanotechnology, patent classification, citation network,
machine learning
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