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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2022, Vol. 6 Issue (2/3): 263-273    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.2096-3467.2021.0921
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Knowledge Description Framework for Foreign Patent Documents Based on Knowledge Meta
Fu Zhu1(),Ding Weike1,Guan Peng2,Ding Xuhui3
1School of Economics and Management, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang 212003, China
2School of Economics and Law, Chaohu University, Hefei 238000, China
3School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, China
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[Objective] This paper proposes a new knowledge description framework (KDF) for foreign patent documents based on knowledge meta, aiming to generate better full-text features of these documents from the fine-grained perspective. [Methods] First, we analyzed the U.S. and European patents to compare their differences to Chinese documents. Then, we used knowledge meta to describe the full-text features of foreign patents with external and content features to construct the KDF. Finally, we analyzed the semantic relationships of the contents from this new framework. [Results] The KDF generated eight core knowledge elements and their description rules, which had four types of semantic relationships between patent documents and knowledge elements, as well as five types of relationships between different knowledge elements. [Limitations] The adaptability of the KDF needs to be strengthened. [Conclusions] The proposed KDF could describe the full-text knowledge features of foreign patent documents effectively and reveal the semantic relationship between the knowledge features, which provides new directions for knowledge organization, mining and services of patent documents.

Key wordsKnowledge Elements      Knowledge Organization      Knowledge Description Framework      U.S. Patent      European Patent     
Received: 28 August 2021      Published: 14 April 2022
ZTFLH:  G302  
Fund:Social Science Fund of Jiangsu Province(18TQC002);National Natural Science Foundation of China(71904043);Social Science Fund of Anhui Province(AHSKQ2020D23)
Corresponding Authors: Fu Zhu,ORCID:0000-0003-2250-7542     E-mail:

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Fu Zhu, Ding Weike, Guan Peng, Ding Xuhui. Knowledge Description Framework for Foreign Patent Documents Based on Knowledge Meta. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2022, 6(2/3): 263-273.

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美国专利文献 欧洲专利文献
扉页(Bibliography) 扉页(Bibliography)
说明书附图(Drawings) 说明书
交叉引用/发明领域 发明背景
发明背景/引用列表 发明概要
发明概要 附图说明
附图说明 详细说明
详细说明 权利要求书(Claims)/权利要求书译文
权利要求(Claims) 说明书附图(Drawings)
Content of European and American Patent Documents
Content and Source of Knowledge Description Framework of Foreign Patent Documents
类别 内容组成 描述规则 举例说明
前序部分 A …for…/…of… ①A hull load observation device …
②A method of observing a load on a hull…
特征部分 产品发明:
…comprising…/…characterised in that…/…characterised by…
①… comprising: an acceleration measuring part…
②… characterised in that an electrochemical actuator (8) of known construction …
…comprising…/…comprising the steps of: …/… a processing comprising…
①A method of observing a load on a hull, comprising the steps of…
②A hull load observation program causing a processor to execute a processing comprising: …
引用部分 单一从属权利要求:
… of …/…according to …
①The hull load observation device of claim 1…
②The method according to claim 1…
…of(as) per claim…or(to)…/…according to any one of …
①Composite profiles as per claim 1 or 2…
②A bracing element according to any one of the preceding claims …
限定部分 …in which… / … further comprising … / …wherein … ①…, in which the first part of …
②…further comprising means for inputting…
③…wherein the load calculating module …
Description Rules and Examples of Claim Knowledge Element
类别 内容组成 描述规则 举例说明
技术领域 …is …/…relates to … / …concerns… ①Floatation therapy is a medical treatment…
②This invention concerns composite profiles of…
③… relates to the field of ships, in particular to a ship.
④The present description relates to the field of display technologies,
and particularly, to an array substrate…
主题标的 … is a … /…in particular to … / … (more) particularly to…
Description Rules and Examples of Field Knowledge Element
类别 内容组成 描述规则 举例说明
现有技术 … (in) for (an/one) (typical) example related-art …/ … are (well) known …/… similar known techniques including … / … according to known techniques… ①…bracing elements formed of metal are known…
②In a typical example of composite profiles…
③One example of related-art protectors for receiving and holding a wire, such as a wire harness…
④There are similar known techniques including…
应用现状 —— ——
技术问题 However … / …there is (encountered) a problem… / … is not good (pleasing) in…. /…disadvantages …/…it is possible that… damaged…/ it causes …. / …create certain issues including… ①Further, there is a problem, in how to perform…
②…therefore there is encountered a problem that the attaching and detaching workability is not good.
③Prior art plates exhibit the following disadvantages: …
④These fluids can create certain issues including damaging the production tubing …
Description Rules and Examples of Background Knowledge Element
类别 内容组成 描述规则 举例说明
发明目的 The present invention aims to… / The object(purpose) of …/ It is an object of …(is) to … ①The present invention aims to provide a ship that is convenient to …
②The object of the present invention is therefore to offer a solution which, …
技术方案 For example … / It is (further) preferable that (Preferably/ Advantageously) …/ It is further preferable that…/ In some (one/ /first…) embodiments (aspect) … /… according to a (the) first (another/…) embodiment (aspect) … / Embodiments of… ①Preferably, the retainer is provided outside…/ It is a further preferable that the protector body comprise …
②… according to a first embodiment of the present invention provides a ship alongside …according to a second embodiment of …
③The first matching section…the second matching structure further includes…
④Embodiments of the present disclosure also provide
forming a directional drilling …
发明效果 …can… /…the (a number of) advantage of … /…with relatively …/…as compared with…/ …in this case… ①… can always display a position of a target ship …
②Therefore, the mounting space can be made smaller as compared with the related-art protector …
③In this case, the efficiency of the operation for mounting the protector body … is enhanced.
Description Rules and Examples of Summary Knowledge Element
类别 内容组成 描述规则 举例说明
发明附图知识元 附图说明 Fig. N is a … (view/diagram) …
/ Fig. N… illustrates …
①FIG. 1 is a block diagram illustrating a ship monitoring device in one embodiment of the present invention.
②FIG. 3 illustrates a main screen in one embodiment of the present invention.
说明书附图 ——
Description Rules and Examples of Drawing Knowledge Element
Semantic Relations in Knowledge Description Framework of Foreign Patent Documents
序号 关系类型 来源对象 目标对象
1 著录 专利文献 著录项目知识元
2 限定 专利文献 权利要求知识元
3 解释 专利文献 技术说明知识元
4 附图 专利文献 发明附图知识元
5 概括 著录项目知识元 技术说明知识元
著录项目知识元 发明附图知识元
6 支持 发明附图知识元 权利要求知识元
发明附图知识元 技术说明知识元
技术说明知识元 权利要求知识元
7 论证 发明领域知识元 发明概要知识元
发明背景知识元 发明概要知识元
8 实施 发明概要知识元 实施方式知识元
9 包含 技术说明知识元 发明领域知识元
技术说明知识元 发明背景知识元
技术说明知识元 发明概要知识元
技术说明知识元 实施方式知识元
Main Semantic Relations in Knowledge Description Framework of Foreign Patent Documents
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