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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2016, Vol. 32 Issue (12): 57-65    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2016.12.08
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Analyzing Return of Investment for New Energy Project with Big Data: Case Study of SG-ERP System in Y City
Qian Gao1,Yang Yang2,Guangwei Hu3(),Chao Xu1,Gaofeng Shen4,Jian Zhao5
1State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Nanjing 210024, China
2School of Business, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
3School of Information Management, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
4Electric Power Economic Technology Research Institute, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Nanjing 210018, China
5State Grid Yangzhou Electric Power Company, Yangzhou 225008, China
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[Objective]This paper establishes data extraction model and evaluation mechanism for the return of investment analysis on new energy projects. All data is from the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company in China. [Methods] First, we proposed a new big data management framework based on the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company SG-ERP system architecture. Second, we extracted evaluative data based on Golden Gate technology, and constructed an evaluation system covering the economic, social and environmental aspects of the target projects at different development stages (i.e. decision-making, construction and operation). Finally, we examined the proposed system with the Delphi Law. [Results] We got the weight of variation coefficient and the economic, social and environmental benefits of new energy projects of Y City in 2015. [Limitations] The classification schemes for the evaluation criteria could be further refined. [Conclusions] The proposed system can evaluate the return of investments for new energy power grid projects. The data extraction method, evaluation system and weight algorithm could be used in other studies.

Key wordsPower big data      Data extraction      New energy project      Investment benefit     
Received: 25 July 2016      Published: 22 January 2017

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Qian Gao, Yang Yang, Guangwei Hu, Chao Xu, Gaofeng Shen, Jian Zhao. Analyzing Return of Investment for New Energy Project with Big Data: Case Study of SG-ERP System in Y City. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2016, 32(12): 57-65.

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