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Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery  2016, Vol. 32 Issue (12): 76-84    DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2016.12.10
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Content Authentication for Video Resources of Libraries, Museums and Archives with Semi-fragile Watermarking
Guang Zhu1,2(),Mining Feng1
1School of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing 210044, China
2School of Information Management, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
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[Objective]This study designs a more secure semi-fragile watermarking algorithm for the big data environment, which protects the authenticity and integrity of online video resources of libraries, museums and archives (LAM). [Context] The algorithm improves the robustness of video resources in normal operation, and then meets the real-time demand of content authentication. [Methods] First, we embedded the binary watermarking image to the videos with the help of quantization modulation to protect their copyright. Second, we inserted the index watermarking into key frames of videos to detect the inter-frame modifications. Finally, we generated the authentication watermarking with XOR operation of least significant bit to detect the intra-frame tampers. [Results] The proposed algorithm was robust and transparent in normal operations, and its value of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio was above 33. The time of tamper localization was around 5 seconds. [Conclusions] The proposed algorithm protects the authenticity and integrity of LAM videos, and then promotes the information sharing and service integration.

Key wordsLAM      Video resources      Content authentication      Semi-fragile watermarking      Timeliness     
Received: 17 October 2016      Published: 22 January 2017

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Guang Zhu, Mining Feng. Content Authentication for Video Resources of Libraries, Museums and Archives with Semi-fragile Watermarking. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2016, 32(12): 76-84.

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